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From Homeless to High School Graduate

How many times have you heard or said these two words? “I can’t!”

It’s easy to say and often times a great excuse for not doing something in life.  Whether you are looking to change jobs, go back to school, or even get out of a bad relationship, the words can paralyze you.  I admit I have learned the “I can’t” lesson from my own experiences, but was reminded today that none of it was necessary.

The person who reminded me was a teenager from Los Angeles named Kenneth Chancey, but this 18 year old is not just any teenager.  You see, this kid has experienced more difficult situations that you and I may ever encounter in our lifetime.  For most of his school years, Kenneth has been homeless.  He tells me he has bounced around from foster home, to homeless shelter, even admitting to once living in a van with his family.  With all that baggage, Kenneth never gave in, and today he walked on stage to accept his high school diploma.  I was there as a reporter, and have to tell you it was a beautiful sight.  Kenneth could have said “I can’t” but instead he said “I will.”  Here’s his story.



Click here to find out more about Kenneth


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